BEDA Day 17 +18: Music I’m obsessed with at the moment

(Sorry I haven’t been posting much, studying for my final exam that’s on Friday. Will get back to posting regularly after)

State Champs: The Finer Things, The Acoustic Things

Neck Deep: December (singles)

Troye Sivan: Blue Neighbourhood

Tegan and Sara: Love You to Death (LY2D)

Andy Black: The Shadow Side

Real Friends: The Home Inside My Head

Seaway: Colourblind



BEDA Day 13: Why I hate the word “triggered”

The word triggered used to be a warning for posts that might be too much for people with mental illnesses. A “trigger warning” was placed on posts that dealt with sensitive topics and it was helpful because one could know if they should continue reading an article or not.

Nowadays, “triggered” is a sick meme/joke that Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) and people who regard feminists as entitled or “choose to seem oppressed when really aren’t” on issues that should be discussed in a serious manner.

Especially when debating/discussing LGBTQ+ issues, #BlackLivesMatter, the wage gap, and reproductive issues, MRAs who can’t seem to present their opinions like an adult, either write “triggered” or post the “lady staring at computer screen feeling triggered” as if that will shut the other party up.

“Triggered” is being used to shame women and other people fighting for justice and hoping they’ll back down.

What these MRAs don’t realize, is that we’re not going to back down. How else is the world going to change for the greater good?


BEDA Day 11: Gender neutral bathrooms

I’m in favour of gender neutral bathrooms. #repealHB2

Even though I am a genderqueer person who uses the pronoun “she”, I completely understand when genderqueer people don’t feel comfortable using gendered bathrooms. The same goes for transgender people, especially those who feel unsafe using gendered bathrooms.

I am so glad that Simon Fraser University, the school I attend, has recently built quite a few gender neutral bathrooms as well as gender neutral wheelchair friendly bathrooms. Not only are they present, they are also very clean and well built.

During Pride Week, SFU changed all the flags to rainbow pride flags, and it is amazing that this school welcomes and embraces the LGBTQ+ community with open arms.

I am very proud to be at a school that doesn’t stand for bigotry and hatred.


BEDA Day 10: Olympic Humour

Watching the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio has been making me like a right failure.

Like seriously, Penny Oleksiak is 16 years old and winning silver and bronze in swimming. What was I doing when I was 16 years old? Nothing, that’s what. I was in high school almost failing out of math class and about to quit karate.

Katie Ledecky is 19 and has broken her own world record 5 times in a year. She has won more medals than I own karate belts. I barely accomplished anything last year. I’ve barely accomplished anything this year too.

Well, here’s to watching the Olympics while falling deeper into a quarter life crisis.


BEDA Day 3: I’m fucked up

I’m pretty fucked up.

I’ve accepted the fact, ever since my friend back in high school committed suicide three months before graduation.

I’ve become somebody who puts everyone else’s happiness before their own. Most of the time, no matter how tired and how fed up I am with helping others, I do it anyways. I’d rather have someone I care about be alive than for me to be my happiest.

I don’t want to feel the same guilt with the people I currently care about that I’ve been feeling for the last 2 and 1/2 years. I’m making up for all those times I was ignorant and unobservant of others’ emotions by being overzealous now.

Is it healthy? No. Will I keep being this way? Yea.


BEDA Day 2: Me + Crushes = Bad Idea

I’m bad at having crushes on people. Or I’m too good at having crushes on people. Either way, it never turns out well.

On one hand, I’m far too awkward to talk to a cute guy or girl whom I fancy, and on the other hand, I fall far too hard and far too deep to ever escape my feelings without moping around for a couple months afterwards.

Since I’ve been old enough to recognize what the butterflies in my stomach are (about 12 years old), I’ve fell HARD for 3 people, and kinda liked 5 others. I know that people aren’t required to like you back, it’s their life and they can fancy whomever they want. To fault the other people for not liking you back is ridiculous. If they friendzone you (yes it exists), then be happy that they still want you in their lives.

But, this isn’t to say that being rejected doesn’t HURT LIKE SOMEONE CUT UP YOUR HEART WITH A BUTTER KNIFE. 

As of two months ago, I’ve been crushing on this girl at work, and I’m 95% sure she will never like me back, and I’m also 100% sure I will be thinking of her cute face for a couple months after work ends. I fell hard, (like butterflies when we’re in the same room hard), and you can see why this is bad, but do I stop crushing? Nope, because I’ve accepted this fate.


BEDA Day 1: Vancouver Pride 2016

Since I came out as Bisexual a couple months ago, I’ve been adamant on going to Vancouver’s 2016 Pride Parade. I’ve always been curious of pride events and have wanted to go for many years. My mom was (and still is) too lazy and slightly too homophobic to bring me so I never insisted.

I’ve made many queer friends in the past year, and paired with my recent “coming out”, it was the perfect time to attend pride.

I initially only wanted to watch the parade and (hopefully) get a selfie with the PM Justin Trudeau himself. However, as I was mentioning all of this to my friend/colleague at CJSF 90.1 FM, Simon Fraser University’s radio station, he asked me if I wanted to march instead. I jumped at the chance, and pride turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life thus far.

By the end of the parade, my legs-having walked 20 blocks-almost gave out, and I was covered in a layer of sweat, nerf gun water, and glitter. I handed out pins and stickers to the crowd, I got them to cheer as loud as they could, I gave out high fives, hugs, and numerous “Hey! You’re fabulous” to people dressed in their queerest garb.

My heart felt so full. I can’t wait for next year.