April 8th (NapoWrimo)



The city is a rainbow of colour

Its patrons holding umbrellas in one hand

And coffee in the other.

A splash of vibrancy in a haze of grey.

I hear the sound of rain splash onto polka dots


Yet, calm


April 7th (NapoWrimo)

I totally forgot to post this poem yesterday. Whoops.

Anyways, I had a 6 hour power outage yesterday evening/night so I decided to write about it.


Power Outage


I look up and see my surroundings shrouded in darkness

The only brightness comes from the city,

Which, at this moment, feels too far to reach

Twinkling lights in office buildings and street lamps,

I stare outside as candles emit a faint glow around the room.

It slowly gets brighter outside

And darker in here


April 5th (NapoWrimo)


Empty racecars drenched in rain.

I stare beaming teddy bears in the eyes.

This place feels abandoned,

But in two months, it will become someone’s heaven once again.

I climb the rickety stairs

Sign my soul away.

Welcome it as my second home for yet another summer

April 4th (NapoWrimo)


You had starry Eyes


A shell of yourself

Do you remember who you once were?

Carefree, playful, innocent

Would you go back?

To avoid making the mistakes that

were disguised to be brilliant

You went about with starry eyes

Too hopeful,

you fell on broken glass

Would you re-wind?

Forget all the people you now love

Those who know your secrets

Everyone you’ve met

A chance to start over

April 3rd (NapoWrimo)




She’ll bring you oranges in groups of 8

And wash the dishes like she was raised to

She’ll help you cook dinner and make conversation

In perfect Mandarin

She asks for permission

To date your daughter,

And suddenly everything changes

April 2nd (NapoWrimo)

I have decided to do Napowrimo, which is where you write a poem every single day in April. I started April 2nd. This is my poem:

Truth and lies


There’s truthfulness in pain

And there are lies in joy

But is it better to convince yourself of happiness

Or feel the sharp pang of honesty?

Celebrities and Politics

(wow it’s been a long time hasn’t it?)

Lately, I’ve been reading facebook posts and comments regarding celebrities and their political views. The most frequent one is “Why doesn’t ____ share their political view / talk about politics?”

This kind of baffles me, because even though celebrities have more of an influence than the “average Joe”, does it really matter what they think? We all have our own political views based on preconceived notions and research. I’m pretty sure there are few people in this world who align their views according to the views of their favourite celebrity.

If you need a celebrity to help you form your political views, then do you really have any?

In the grand scheme of things, they don’t have much power. Sure, they may remind you to call your senator and complain, but  politics isn’t their day job.

(Just wanted to get that off my chest)