Hi! my name is Eva! As of right now, I am in my third year of university and is trying to figure out my future and what I want to accomplish in my life. This blog is for me to voice my thoughts on events that impact me and things that are occurring in the world. But mostly, I would post about my own life, and to keep my sanity intact.

So, more about me, Eva. I contribute written pieces to my school’s newspaper. I write spoken word poetry on mostly relationships and pain and death. I’m trying to build up enough confidence to enter a slam poetry competition. I play acoustic guitar. I play some ukulele and I learned how to play some bass on the guitar as well. I love to sing, and even though I know that I am not perfect at it and that sometimes, I sound like complete and utter shit, I still love doing it. To me, music helps me get through hard times in life and it also helps me celebrate wonderful things that happen to me. I love pop punk (#poppunkislife)(Hayley Williams will always be my #wcw)(I’ve interviewed Patty Walters holy shit), alternative rock, indie, indie pop and Taylor Swift. Im unhealthily addicted to YouTube (both youtubers and musicians on youtube(Qcknd, Rusty Clanton, Dodie Clark, Tessa Violet) and I know that’s probably never going to change, but thats okay with me. Also, if i’m ever super awkward around you, then that means you’re probably cute, and I like you.  

 If anyone want to email me about any of the topics I’ve written about or if anyone just wants to say hi, reach me at: evayifuzhu@gmail.com or tweet me @quirkyguitargal 


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