So yea…2016

As most people would probably agree with me, 2016 was fucking disappointing.

Although I wouldn’t say this year did nothing to help me grow as a person, it was still really a little shit.

Let us start off with the good things yea? Yea.

I turned 20.

I came out as pansexual and non-binary and I marched in the Pride Parade for the first time!!!

I’ve met people who I now consider to be a few of my best friends. I’m incredibly grateful to have such amazing people in my life.

I dyed my hair purple, then I cut it all off.

This year I began writing for my university’s newspaper “The Peak”. Learning to hone my non-academic writing skills has been fun, and having this blog has helped me grow in this aspect. So far, I have written only 4 articles for “The Peak”, and I hope to write at least one article every 2 weeks next term.

Over the break, I am working on the proposal for my new radio show. It will focus on discussing LGBTQ+ issues in the news, mental health problems in the LGBTQ+ community, and terminology to describe gender and sexuality.

This October, I got the chance to interview the lead singer of one of my favourite pop punk bands, “As It Is”. Honestly, interviewing Patty Walters was a dream come true. He was so nice and I actually felt incredibly cool really important. (In typical me fashion, I framed the photo pass).

My GPA has been slowly rising, and it will rise even more after I stop taking courses that fuck me up (french, economics…). I found out that I’m pretty decent at environmental courses, and I also really enjoy learning about all the different ways we’re fucking up our earth our impact on the environment.

Now onto the bad.

This year has been difficult for me mentally. The slight perpetual sadness I always feel morphed into full on depression in mid October. I didn’t know why I was crying every night and I didn’t know why I just couldn’t think anything positive no matter how hard I tried. I had suicidal thoughts whenever I stood in a high place, and being alone in my head was the worst thing ever.

I didn’t do much at the radio station this year. School got in the way, and the radio show I wanted to start producing got pushed back from March to now. Although my ideas are much better now than they were in March, so maybe that’s the silver lining eh?

I didn’t work on any music either. The EP I wanted to make is still only up in the air.

Hopefully next year will be my year. Who knows?


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