The 2016 Election

The 2016 election was hellish. It was vile, it was hate filled, and it was emotionally taxing for many people.

I don’t remember an election season being this hate filled. I remember 2012 being civil, with the most exciting part being the presidential debates. As much as I didn’t like McCain, he treated Obama with respect, and vice versa.

This election season though, was an example to never follow again. Every time I opened Facebook, I would see another *clickbait* headline either smearing Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Every day there would be a new headline, and after a while, you get kind of sick of it.

As much as I am scared for the Trump & Pence presidency, I’m more saddened than shocked by their win. I understand why many Americans would vote him. Not everyone who voted for him are white bigoted supremacists who hate women and the LGBTQ+ community. Some people have seen no change in the past eight years with President Obama. These people don’t understand that Congress has been against him every step of the way, and have made it impossible to get anything passed. To these people, Hillary is just Obama with a vagina. In their eyes, voting for her was not voting for change. They were not well informed, and Trump seemed to be the best option.

As a #pro-choice person, I fear that Pence will try his hardest to overturn Roe v. Wade, which was passed by the Supreme Court to protect a woman’s right to an abortion. Even though President Obama has signed a document that prevents Planned Parenthood from being de-funded and possibly abolished, a woman’s right to her own body will no doubt be challenged.

Pence is not a closet homophobe, he’s openly against the LGBTQ+ community and proud of it. He’s even supportive of conversion therapy (which is basically electrocuting the homosexuality out of LGBTQ+ people). I am extremely worried for every LGBTQ+ person in America, because I know that more will choose to stay in the closet in fear of being discriminated against, and fear of being attacked.

If you’re a woman, a person who identifies as LGBTQ+, African-American, Latino/Latina, Muslim, a Person of Colour, or anyone else who refuses to accept bigotry and hate, please go protest and make your voice heard. You have a right to feel safe, to feel respected, and to feel loved.

Don’t forget to keep your loved ones close, and hug them often.

Make allies with people, because many are fighting the same fight you are.