BEDA Day 13: Why I hate the word “triggered”

The word triggered used to be a warning for posts that might be too much for people with mental illnesses. A “trigger warning” was placed on posts that dealt with sensitive topics and it was helpful because one could know if they should continue reading an article or not.

Nowadays, “triggered” is a sick meme/joke that Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) and people who regard feminists as entitled or “choose to seem oppressed when really aren’t” on issues that should be discussed in a serious manner.

Especially when debating/discussing LGBTQ+ issues, #BlackLivesMatter, the wage gap, and reproductive issues, MRAs who can’t seem to present their opinions like an adult, either write “triggered” or post the “lady staring at computer screen feeling triggered” as if that will shut the other party up.

“Triggered” is being used to shame women and other people fighting for justice and hoping they’ll back down.

What these MRAs don’t realize, is that we’re not going to back down. How else is the world going to change for the greater good?


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