BEDA Day 4 + 5: A poem for Her 

The metal wedged between the silk web above your enchanting eyes and I can’t help but gaze at it longingly wishing your head was on my shoulder as we consume tea in a little coffee shop that is as welcoming as I find the way you speak.

Your confidence is intimidating but that only makes me fall harder knowing you are not afraid to be exactly who you want to be.

I feel all of the cocoons breaking at once as you brush past me my heart tap dancing ferociously when we’re in the same room.

Your smile is a thousand watt lightbulb.

Your face is one that I want to snapshot and revisit when I’m feeling like I’m straighter than ever.

You say the wrong things but are they really the wrong things because I don’t find hesitation in your voice.

You are unattainable and I’ll have to be okay with that.



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