BEDA Day 2: Me + Crushes = Bad Idea

I’m bad at having crushes on people. Or I’m too good at having crushes on people. Either way, it never turns out well.

On one hand, I’m far too awkward to talk to a cute guy or girl whom I fancy, and on the other hand, I fall far too hard and far too deep to ever escape my feelings without moping around for a couple months afterwards.

Since I’ve been old enough to recognize what the butterflies in my stomach are (about 12 years old), I’ve fell HARD for 3 people, and kinda liked 5 others. I know that people aren’t required to like you back, it’s their life and they can fancy whomever they want. To fault the other people for not liking you back is ridiculous. If they friendzone you (yes it exists), then be happy that they still want you in their lives.

But, this isn’t to say that being rejected doesn’t HURT LIKE SOMEONE CUT UP YOUR HEART WITH A BUTTER KNIFE. 

As of two months ago, I’ve been crushing on this girl at work, and I’m 95% sure she will never like me back, and I’m also 100% sure I will be thinking of her cute face for a couple months after work ends. I fell hard, (like butterflies when we’re in the same room hard), and you can see why this is bad, but do I stop crushing? Nope, because I’ve accepted this fate.



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