BEDA Day 1: Vancouver Pride 2016

Since I came out as Bisexual a couple months ago, I’ve been adamant on going to Vancouver’s 2016 Pride Parade. I’ve always been curious of pride events and have wanted to go for many years. My mom was (and still is) too lazy and slightly too homophobic to bring me so I never insisted.

I’ve made many queer friends in the past year, and paired with my recent “coming out”, it was the perfect time to attend pride.

I initially only wanted to watch the parade and (hopefully) get a selfie with the PM Justin Trudeau himself. However, as I was mentioning all of this to my friend/colleague at CJSF 90.1 FM, Simon Fraser University’s radio station, he asked me if I wanted to march instead. I jumped at the chance, and pride turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life thus far.

By the end of the parade, my legs-having walked 20 blocks-almost gave out, and I was covered in a layer of sweat, nerf gun water, and glitter. I handed out pins and stickers to the crowd, I got them to cheer as loud as they could, I gave out high fives, hugs, and numerous “Hey! You’re fabulous” to people dressed in their queerest garb.

My heart felt so full. I can’t wait for next year.





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