BEDA Day 8: The problem with YouTube

(12:27 am. whatever. I was too preoccupied with watching olympic swimming)

I love YouTube and I enjoy watching YouTubers on the daily, I really do. However, lately I’ve stopped clicking on videos made by some big name YouTubers because they’ve stopped putting effort into their content. No one needs four videos in a row of (insert name here) trying candy from different countries.

It’s perfectly acceptable and needed (because YouTubers have to make money somehow) to make a sponsored video once in a while, but when a YouTuber abuses that power, and makes many in a row, it’s akin to taking advantage of their fan support.

The same with makeup/clothing hauls, they’re fun to watch, but these kind of videos are not quality content. They show that you’ll make whatever video just for the money and the views.

This is mostly why I enjoy watching YouTubers with under 4,000,000 subscribers, because I know that they’re not too famous that they will stop putting in the effort.




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