Dating Apps/Sites

For the past year and a half or so, I’ve been sporadically downloading and then deleting the Tinder app from my iPhone.

Side note: I only use dating apps because I am absolute shit at finding guys in real life. If I wasn’t so pathetic in real life, I would never use these last ditch efforts and make a dating profile.

Whenever I was feeling better about the fact that I’m turning 20 this year and has never been in a (semi-)serious relationship in my 19 years of being on this earth, I would delete the app and just wait until I met the right guy. However, during those times that I felt lonely as fuck and wanted to be in a relationship ASAP, I would get the app back.

Now to be fair, I’m horrible at navigating Tinder. I know the point of it is basing 90% of the guy just on looks and right swipe way more than you left swipe, but I just couldn’t do it. My friends call me picky, but I call it having standards. I probably got carpal tunnel from left swiping so much but I just can’t help it. Whenever I’d come across a decent looking guy, I would tap to see his profile. Only when he had written some passable stuff, would I right swipe. Sadly, this method cut out 95% of guys on Tinder.

I went on a couple of Tinder dates/hangouts and I chatted with quite a few guys, but none of them worked out romantically. However, I stayed friends with all the guys I went out with.

Then I asked my close friends to be my wingman/wingwoman and set me up with any of their cute male friends.  Hahahaha…I realized after a while that you should NEVER put the fate of your love life in your friend’s hands. They suck at setting me up. So much so that they’ve never actually told me “hey I’ve found you a date!”

So, a few days ago my BFF and I were discussing the possibility of OkCupid. To prove that it wasn’t a horrible thing, I put myself on the line as the “relationship guinea pig” and made a profile. I’ve got to say, it’s a hell of a lot better than Tinder. The number of fuckboys decrease significantly, profiles end up sounding significantly smarter, and people can actually hold up a conversation.

That’s not to say I haven’t had my fair share of weirdos. The downside of OkCupid is that men of any age can message you. Just because you’ve set your age range from 19-23, doesn’t mean they’ve set it to 25-35. The result of this is that I’ve gotten some creepy messages from 25-40 something year olds asking me to sushi, telling me they wanna date me, and asking me to move in with them.

So, my parting words are: use dating sites at your own risk. And use your judgement when messaging people. You’ve got brains, utilize them.



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  1. I haven’t tried Tinder (I think it’s because I’d likely do the same as you), but I am periodically active on OKC. There do seem to be a good number of coherent, nice guys, but then there are the strange messagers, as well. Good luck and have fun 😛



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