What Am I Doing With My Life?

I am currently having the dreaded quarter life crisis. It’s not a good time. It’s finals week and I should be studying, but here I am worrying about my future and why I haven’t achieved any of my dreams yet.

I thought that by now, at 19 years old, I would have done what I wanted the future me to do at 16. When I was 16, I wanted the future me to work in the music industry, either as an artist, or in sound production. One of my life goals was to appear on the cover of Alternative Press with my band. But that hasn’t happened yet has it?

I thought that I would have visited Los Angeles or New York or San Francisco by now. I would have made connections and be one (or more) step(s) closer to achieving my dreams. That hasn’t happened yet either.

I thought I would be in a loving relationship with a really great guy who would love me for everything that I am. But I am still not quite there yet either.

The coolest thing I’m doing with my life is volunteering at my campus radio station. That sounds kinda pathetic doesn’t it?



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