Short Hair on Women

There is a preconceived conception that usually comes to mind when people talk about short hair (now I’m not talking about bobs, I’m talking about pixie cuts or even buzz cuts). this makes little to no sense to me as I can find little reason behind it.

“Having short hair makes you look like a lesbian.” I heard this one when I got a pixie cut and one of my best friends commented that I looked like “a raging lesbian”.

Now, I know where this conception came from, it’s clear that people think lesbians all look like dudes. So, consequently, all women with short hair must also be lesbian. Having a pixie cut makes you look a guy. Some women with short hair also like to dress either slightly androgynous or fully androgynous.

I’d like to remind everyone that many women who have long hair and dress “feminine” or “girly” are lesbians. Ingrid Nilsen, who recently came out, has a distinct feminine vibe to her. Her hair is long, she loves wearing dresses and she loves makeup. Ellen Page has long hair as well, her hair is past her shoulders and she is a lesbian. Gaby from Buzzfeed has long hair, she gives off a feminine vibe and she is also bisexual.



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