My Stuttering

I’ve been stuttering since I was 10 years old. Some days I can barely get a few phrases out without stumbling over every one and some days I barely stutter at all. I don’t believe there’s a single day in which I’ve never stuttered.

Now, most people I talk to overlook it and talk to me like a normal decent human being would. If I stutter when saying my name, they ignore it. I like that. I really do. I like that I’m not being mocked or teased or made fun of for stuttering.

Now, there’s a particular type of people whom I want nothing more than to smash their head into a wall. This is the type of people who will mimic my stuttering when I talk to them and think I’m okay with it. If I stutter when introducing myself, they will go “Oh hi E-e-e-eva!”

No! I am not okay with you doing that! Why would you make me more self-conscious than I already am by making fun of me? I know you think it may be funny, but it’s not, TRUST ME. I don’t own you an explanation to why I stutter, yet when you mock me, I feel obligated to tell you.

Think about it, think about the hurt you may be causing to people and the self-esteem you’re helping destroy when you mock people, because you may not think it’s a big deal, but others do.



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