The Roads We Take

Wrote this poem on the flight from Beijing back to Vancouver. I also wrote another poem and a song and I watched Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 and I watched Inside Out (sobbed). It was a productive flight.

Where will the roads we take go

If we were meant for each other

Will we meet again?

Six months since you said goodbye

You told me, every month, you’d see me again

You took with you a gun,

thought it was loaded with blanks,

But I’m finding a hole in my heart

Every month gone is another bullet,

Ripping my capillaries

I can’t breathe because you were my air

Which road did you take?

The one less traveled?

The one bursting with life?

The one that lead you further away from me?

Leave me the gun

I want you to feel the same I did.

This time, I’ll be sure to load it

Your pain would be much worse

I’ll take the road less traveled

So if we meet again,

You’ll realize that the pain I caused you

Was because you caused me the same.



My Stuttering

I’ve been stuttering since I was 10 years old. Some days I can barely get a few phrases out without stumbling over every one and some days I barely stutter at all. I don’t believe there’s a single day in which I’ve never stuttered.

Now, most people I talk to overlook it and talk to me like a normal decent human being would. If I stutter when saying my name, they ignore it. I like that. I really do. I like that I’m not being mocked or teased or made fun of for stuttering.

Now, there’s a particular type of people whom I want nothing more than to smash their head into a wall. This is the type of people who will mimic my stuttering when I talk to them and think I’m okay with it. If I stutter when introducing myself, they will go “Oh hi E-e-e-eva!”

No! I am not okay with you doing that! Why would you make me more self-conscious than I already am by making fun of me? I know you think it may be funny, but it’s not, TRUST ME. I don’t own you an explanation to why I stutter, yet when you mock me, I feel obligated to tell you.

Think about it, think about the hurt you may be causing to people and the self-esteem you’re helping destroy when you mock people, because you may not think it’s a big deal, but others do.