BEDA Day 30 – Bands Who Play Indie Music

What kind of music did you listen to on your iPod or phone the last time you had your earbuds plugged in? Did you listen to any bands who weren’t very well known?

Indie music is one of the hardest genres of music to get in to (and by get in to I mean like). Some people really enjoy listening to bands such as The Front Bottoms or twenty one pilots and some don’t. Usually, a big part of the reason why indie bands stay indie or semi-indie is because big labels and the mass audience don’t like the way the band sounds. It could be the lead singer’s voice and style of singing (like Brian Sella from The Front Bottoms), the topics of their songs, or the way their music sounds.

Personally, I really love indie music and majority of the bands and artists I like are indie or at least not too well known.

To anyone reading this blog post, I challenge you to search up an indie band and give them a listen. Who knows? You might like them.



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