BEDA Day 29 – A Letter to My Future Child

Dear ____,

When you read this, if you ever read this, you’ll be just a bit older than a teenager.

I hope that your childhood was filled with lots of joy. You got the chance to go to Disneyland and have the time of your life. I hope that your imagination was just as wild as mine and you acted out all the fantasies that went on in your head. You fought off the bad guys or you married the Prince Charming of your dreams. I hope you spent your childhood outside, running around on the playground playing Marco Polo or tag or whatever the game would be. If there were any playground bullies, I hope I would have taught you to not let them bring you down.

I hope you remember that if you wanted to be a fairy princess, then I would have bought you all the pretty dresses the mall carried. if you wanted to dress in jeans and t-shirts and skateboard, then we’d have hit up all the skate shops together. if you wanted to express yourself, then go ahead, dye your hair into a rainbow. pierce your face, it won’t do any harm anyways.

I hope middle and high school went well for you. You knew to work hard and put in the effort, but not to be let down about the occasional bad mark. Brush it off, learn from it, and do better next time. I would be proud if you brought home a report card full of Bs, you did a good job. If you brought home As? You deserve cookies.

I’ll support your dreams of becoming a rockstar, a painter, a chef, or a poet as long as you have a plan B. I’d love to see your dreams true and for you to be happy.

If you crush, and you crush hard, it’s not a bad thing, it just means that you’re just like mom. A complete and utter hopeless romantic. But don’t be like mom and stand around for him/her to come to you, because, let’s face it, a lot of times it just doesn’t happen. If you really like someone, then let them know, it might turn out in your favour. I hope that if you’re gay, you won’t be afraid to come to me, because I’ll still love you and welcome you with open arms. I hope that if he/she breaks your heart and leaves it shattered on the floor, you’ll pick yourself back up (after movie marathons and pints of ice cream) because you were okay before the relationship, and you’ll be okay afterwards. If he/she hurt you, and you’re angry, tell it to him/her straight up, he/she should know how much you’re hurting.

I hope that you thought I was a good mom to you. That I was a cool mom but I still had ground rules that if you broke, there were consequences. I hope you respected me, and didn’t fear me, as that would be the last thing I’d ever want.


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