BEDA Day 27 – GRWM throughout the years

2011: This was when I started cutting my hair short, so I had a chin length bob. Throw on a pair of black skinny jeans, low top converse, and a grey TNA hoodie. Makeup? What is that?

2012: Do the same thing as the year before, but add in a few cardigans. You discover mascara, which is a good thing

2013: Pop Punk! All the Pop Punk! You discover checkers, and layering unbuttoned checkered shirts over a t-shirt. Good, good. Aaaaand now is when you discover eyeliner! Pile it on underneath your eyes like an emo scene kid from the early 2000s

2014: Vans. You discover Vans. Now instead of looking emo, you look like a hipster skater girl. You bought striped t-shirts and more checkers/plaid. You discover foundation and eyeshadow and blush. Finally, a little too late if you ask me. You have an obsession with playing acoustic guitar. ALL THE DAMN TIME.

2015: Your style has evolved, and so has your hair. You grew out your hair and rocked the long tresses for a good 8 months. Then you chopped it all off for a pixie cut. You bought a few dark coloured dresses and skirts! You also bought a denim vest from the men’s side of the store. You bought a bowler hat. Also, combat, you own Doc Martens. Your style is sometimes denim vest hipster and sometimes all black wearing punk chick and sometimes bowler hat sporting 1940s vintage. You finally understand that eyebrows are important, and now know how to fill them in. You buy concealer, as you realize that trying to put foundation on your under eye bags doesn’t work.



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