BEDA Day 26 (PEDA #2) – I’m Not Sorry

A letter to all the boys I had crushes on:

I’m not sorry.

I’m not sorry for liking you, for thinking you were what I was looking for.

I’m not sorry for believing, for one moment, that I had a chance with you.

I was a teenager, and I was naïve.

I believed that I had a chance with all of you

I didn’t understand the “he’s out of my league” theory.

I believed in happily ever afters.

I still believe in happily ever afters.

Does that make naïve?

Or does it just make me optimistic about the future?

I’m not sorry for falling for your smile,

Because that smile made me smile.

It made me blush and look down at my feet lost for words,

So consider that an accomplishment.

I’m not sorry for loving your eyes.

I could look into them forever,

Forever finding new colours that I swear weren’t there before.

The way you laugh, the way you make me laugh,

I’m not sorry for my corny jokes,

I would tell them all over again just to see you laugh.

Lastly, I’m not sorry for leaving when you stopped being the guy I thought you were.

But things like this happen, and they’ll always happen.

I wish someone would apologize for them occurring.

But I bet they’re not sorry either.



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