BEDA Day 19 – Taylor Swift

I’ve been a Swiftie since 2008. I have the entirety of all of her albums but “Taylor Swift” in my collection. I’ve connected with so many of her songs and the feeling is usually instantaneous, like “OH MY GOD! THATS EXACTLY WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE!”

I remember listening to “You Belong With Me” and knowing that feeling of wanting someone to be mine so intensely. I had quite a few crushes during high school and every single time I just wanted to tell them that they should belong with me, and not some other girl. It was a wonderful feeling when I found “Enchanted”, which expressed everyone’s fear of their crush falling in love with someone else. Sometimes it was more than just a crush, it was someone you fell in love with, and unrequited love is the worst kind of love. And then there was “Everything Has Changed”. I can link this song directly to this boy I had a crush on the summer when I was sixteen, and a different guy at the beginning of this year. You meet them for the first time and you think “there’s something different about him. and I’m fascinated by him.” “Clean” is for when I got over a boy whom I liked for a little while, but I was hung up over him for over a year. It wasn’t healthy at all. When I finally got over him, I felt so much better. Of course I still think about him occasionally it that’s to be expected.

Taylor is an exceptional songwriter and I couldn’t be more happy that she wrote about her personal experiences and her feelings rather than superficial things. She get criticized a lot for writing about her feelings but if her writing makes all of us, her fans, feel more relatable, then why not?

Dear Taylor, please don’t ever change the way you write your songs. I love you. Sincerely,




  1. Hey! I am a Swiftie too 🙂 And every time I finished a sentence on this post, I was like, “Yeah! Got the same feels.” or “Check, she nailed it!”
    Loving this post. And thank you for the inspiration because I am writing something too -not blog related though. Keep on writing. xx

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