BEDA DAY 15 – You’re An Asswipe

I was going to add someone to this awesome poetry sharing/discussion group my close friend started (with my coercing).

However, I realized I couldn’t add him. That’s when I did a name search, and realized that I got unfriended.

Wow, you really hammered into my head the fact that you’re an asswipe this time. You never reply to texts, you bail on plans, you make me listen to artists you like and never listen to my suggestions, and you’re pretentious as fuck (sometimes) and now you unfriended me even though I barely message you on Facebook.

Good going. You know what? I would like to go all Ronda Rousey on you. But I don’t wanna go to jail for assault.

p.s. This is why having Kanye West as a spirit animal ain’t a good thing.


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