BEDA Day 13 – Get Ready With Me (GRWM)

Ninety-nine percent of the time, my hair, when I wake up, is sticking straight up in the air. So, first thing I do is to run my hair under the tap for a good thirty seconds to make it lie flat on my head. Now, I could either blow-dry it or leave it to dry, while I go waste some time on the internet. Guess what option I choose most of the time? If you guessed the latter, you are most correct. After my hair is dry, to push it to the side and give it a tiny swoop, I smear on some hair paste and spray on a pound of hairspray.

Now, it’s time for MAKEUP!! Here are all the products I smear on my face on a regular basis. Step 1: moisturize. Step 2: Apply Olay BB Cream with an expert face brush. Step 3: Fill in eyebrows with a mix of taupe grey and black eyeshadow using an angled brow brush. Step 4: conceal dark circles and spots with concealer. Step 5: Apply a bit of blush

Clothes you say? What do I wear? Pick out a pair of skinny-ish jeans, fold up the cuffs twice, layer a t-shirt with a full length jean vest. Complete the outfit with a pair of black socks and beat up vans.


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