BEDA Day 12 – Novels 

So there’s this musician, his name is Rusty Clanton, and he writes songs and posts them on YouTube. One of his songs is called “Novels” and it is probably one of my favourite songs of all time. I swear I’ve almost cried listening to it.

“Novels”, in my opinion is a love song. It’s a love song that focuses on the present. It shows that people have more left in them than they seem to. It speaks about the vulnerability of love, and giving your heart away to someone else. “And when we sleep at night I hope that we’ll write novels in our heads, of what to tell the other when we wake” is a line speaking of creating memories. Of documenting and creating stories of our experiences, with the other person, as well as by ourselves. Also, to never forget to show and say how much we love one another.  (Alright, English 12 analyzing done)

I love this song so so so much. Not only of what it speaks of but also how the thoughts are presented. This song sounds both like a lullaby and a song to daydream to. It is basically perfection, in song form.


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