BEDA Day 11 – Friends Who Drift Away

I’ve always been that person who tries to befriend the new person in my grade. It’s one of my flaws. I know, I know, to most people, it’s a wonderful personality trait and should be celebrated. To me, however, it’s not. I’ve had too many people drift away because they’ve found “cooler” or “better” friends, and consequently ditch me.

I try to brush it off and put up a brave face, but truthfully? It hurts.

It hurts to have someone I hung out with for months to not want to talk to me in the hallway. Or always say “I can’t” or “I’m busy” when I ask them to hang out.

I know it happens and life’s not fair and it doesn’t always go my way, but this has happened so many times when I was a preteen and a teenager. i also realized that if I hadn’t been so outgoing and so forward, I could have saved myself from feeling so betrayed.




  1. Most people are selfish.
    It’s better they drift away than stab you in the back, exploit your weaknesses, and betray your trust.
    Treading water nearby while you suffer? Not a friend.
    Give them a push and let them drift.



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