BEDA Day 9 – My Dating Rap

This was obviously inspired by Emma Blackery’s dating rap, as well as LukeIsNotSexy’s dating rap. (Sorry Luke, but Emma’s was better)

So, here we go!

Wait…what do I even say?

Just tell them a little bit about yourself!

Well, okay!

I’m Eva 19 and I don’t drink milk

I don’t wanna be a douche so I don’t wear silk

I’m trained in karate and could probably kill

Y’know…but I won’t

I tried to play piano but I failed so hard

Now I just stick to jamming on the  gui-tar

I like writing poems and I like writing songs

And I’ve never smoked weed out of a bong

I’ve never got drunk and I don’t wanna find out

Because tipsy me already laughs really loud.

I used to annoy everyone back in high school

And now I’m way better…

Oh wait, no, I still do

I’m five foot 5 and I can’t really flirt

…unless I’m not trying to…then I’m great!

My friends think I’m scary when I get mad

So I try not to but then I get sad

So if you’re interested then yo dawg hit me up

But if you’re not…then you got impaired judgement



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