BEDA Day 7 – Kids

I love kids, I really do. However, before I started working at a place where I interact with kids all day everyday, I loved them more.

Kids can be the most well behaved angels ever. They will say “please” without you having to ask them “what’s the magic word?” They will say “thank you” when they’re supposed to, not after they get nudged by their parents. They will be patient and wait until you’re finished with your task before asking for help.

Or y’know, kids can be terribly behaved and have bad manners. They won’t ever say “thank you”…until they’re reminded by their parents. They reach their hands out impatiently ready to snatch the object out of your hands faster than you can glare at them. They never say please, they budge, and they don’t stand still in line.

Dear parents: please try to have your kids be of the first kind, they’re much better liked by society.


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