BEDA Day 6 – Tinder

Alright. Alright. I know it’s day 7 but if I can get this up before 2am, I still count it as day 6.


So, Tinder. The dating app everyone knows and either loves or hates. Or maybe they’re fairly neutral about it. Who knows?

I’m using this app right now, less to find a boyfriend (because c’mon, what are the chances of a relationship actually working out on tinder?) but more to make friends. AND NO, I AM NOT ON THERE TO HOOK UP. From my time on Tinder, I realized a few things:

1) Many guys don’t have a profile. Do you expect the girl to be satisfied with just one (or a few) picture(s)? We don’t just care about looks y’know. Write something in that space meant for words.

2) Abs. Just that. No face.

3) The back camera bathroom/living room/some room picture. No one needs to see what phone you have. It’s 2015, front cameras exist, please use it to take the picture.

4) “6’4, SFU, gym is life”. This tells us nothing about your personality, except the fact that you love the gym. We would like to know what your other hobbies are, whether you like music, or your opinions on cats. Your profile can be max 500 characters. You’ve used up 17.

5) Alcohol is not attractive. Don’t have your profile photo be you holding up a Budweiser, or Jack Daniels or any other type of booze.

You know what Tinder needs to have? Better discovery preferences. We need a button that eliminates fuckboys, guys without a profile (including the 17 character profiles), and faceless abs guys.




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