BEDA Day 4 – Ladies’ T-Shirts Suck (most of the time)

When I go shopping for clothes, I usually go hunting for three things: t-shirts, shorts/pants, and cute dresses. I can usually find the shorts/pants in the ladies’ section and like them, obviously, because they fit way better than shorts/pants in the mens section. T-shirts on the other hand, not so much.

When I go rifling through the ladies’ section for t-shirts, 90% of the time, I leave disappointed and/or empty handed. All the t-shirts seem to be the same, all polka dots and stripes. Sometimes, there are the occasional wise words (more like bullshit, if you ask me) printed on them. Which is why, most of the time, I end up finding better t-shirts in the mens’ section. Yes, they don’t fit well in the chest area, because boobs, and the sleeves are a bit too long, but I can deal with that, because I like my shirt!

That’s why I loved Uniqlo when I went back to China in April, because they have awesome shirts in both the ladies’ and mens’ section! I bought an Uniqlo x MoMA Keith Haring t-shirt.

Dear North American stores, learn from Uniqlo, and make better t-shirts for ladies please.



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