What She Doesn’t Know

This is a crappy rant poem I wrote. It’s referring to the “a guy and a girl can’t be friends if he’s in a relationship” topic. Which, in my opinion, is complete bullshit.

What She Doesn’t Know:

Hey, let’s go for donuts,

Or maybe burgers

Or we can go to that new record shop that just opened.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell my girlfriend everything.

Right, I’m tired, let’s just sit here and rest our feet, can I take a ten minute nap?…
You know what? What my girlfriend doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

You wanna go to lunch with me?

I’ll pay for everything,

So order as much as you want.

Do you wanna go to that new couples cafe after?

We can share a milkshake

Do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you?
Who? Oh your girlfriend? My best friend?

I totally forgot about her.

Why text her? What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her

I was too busy staring into your eyes

They’re so dreamy,

I wish you were MY boyfriend.

But alas, you’re not.

I can always try to steal you away though.

That milkshake? Why don’t we scrap that idea and make out instead?
…wow, that was a long nap. Oh yea,

I should text my girlfriend.

“Hey, I’m just hanging out with your best friend. I love you so much. Talk to you later!”

“Hey, I’m just chilling with your boyfriend. He just forced too many donuts into me. That idiot”



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