Pros and Cons

“If you feel the need to make a pros and cons list, then he’s not the right guy for you” – a friend

After some serious thinking, I realized that he was right. At least somewhat. For every relationship, especially if you want it to be a successful one, there shouldn’t have to be a list. Everything about your relationship should be a pro, and if it is a con, it should be an easily resolved one. There should be an infinite amount of pros for every con.

My friend told me that his list would look something like this:

Pro: I love her too much

Con: I love her too much

That is a relationship worth continuing.

With a crush though, you don’t know if the relationship will be a good one. Anything can happen. The person you think the guy you like is may not be the same guy in the future, for better or for worse. If you only have positive things to say about the guy you have a crush on, then maybe you dont know him well enough to be in a relationship with him. You should be able to find his flaws, but still like him with or without those flaws.

In my opinion, creating a pros and cons chart for a crush isn’t a bad thing, it’s finding where you stand and whether the crush is worth continuing. If you find more cons about him than pros, is it worth chasing after him? Or is it better to let go of your feelings and wait for someone better to come along?



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