Not Afraid

This is a short spoken word poem that I wrote a couple weeks ago. It might sound like an extremely personal poem, but it’s not about me. i just wrote it in the spur of the moment. I hope you…whoever you are…enjoy reading this.

Please do not steal this and mark it as your own. If you want to display this poem somewhere else, credit where it’s due.

“Not Afraid”

When the world hands you hurt, don’t run away,

Walk towards it with determined caution

Walk towards it with the hope that you’d fight back the best you can

When hurt puts our battered heart back in place,

We should be thankful it’s still there.

It’s the little things that we never stop to look back and reflect upon

But shouldn’t we?

How else do we learn not to turn the lights off before we know our way in the dark?

Only until we can walk to the next stage without feeling our way around with crutches

Can we truly say we mastered the art of learning from mistakes

But they’ll happen, and some will say “it’s because you got hurt” and others “it’s because you’re hurting”.

hurt will claw at your rib cage

Desperate to crack every single one of them in half

Trying to reach your heart,

Peel it apart

Knocking you over yet again

I’ll walk over with open arms

“I’m not afraid of it”

I’m afraid of the crumbling mess that it’s gonna leave behind, the buildings that just keep on falling, the holes that won’t patch themselves up.

But not it.




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