The Fascination with Weight

When did the whole fascination with weight come in? When did being skinny or being fat matter? What changed?

For the past five or so years, there have been a lot of fat shaming on the Internet. Peoples’ ideals have been distorted by the size 0 or size 2 models we see on the runway, thinking that’s how everyone should look like. We all know, however, that we can’t all look like that. Models look like that because they go on a strict diet and have a personal trainer. People who are skinny either go to the gym religiously, or just have skinny genes.

Not everyone looks like that, and we should stop expecting women in our society to look like that. If they do, great! If not, and if they eat healthy and exercise, then maybe they’re just not built to look like that.

In the last year or so, because the rise of body positivity, less people are fat shaming–because let’s face it, most of the women people are calling fat aren’t even considered fat, they’re just a bit larger than model sizes–and that’s so great. People are beginning to understand that being slightly bigger is just as beautiful as being skinny.

However, people are starting to skinny shame. Everywhere I look (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, websites), if only skinny women are shown in ads, everyone erupts in anger.

People need to realize that just because there’s less fat shaming, doesn’t mean we need be skinny shaming to replace that void

Weight needs to stop being a topic people are fascinated with. There are so many more worthwhile things to do with your time than to scrutinize a number a scale tells you. Women should be viewed according to their personality and their values.



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