Kanye West, you are an asshat

Kanye West, are you a stupid prick or are you an incredibly stupid prick? How can you rant about Beck needing to respect artistry and give his award to Beyoncé when he deserves it just as much? What about his artistry? He has probably worked harder or just as hard as Beyoncé on his new album as she did on hers.

In your opinion, can no one else but Beyoncé win album of the year? Is she that amazing that whenever she’s nominated, she must win? I don’t think it has crossed your mind that maybe, Beck is just better. He’s more creative and it’s his album, or that his lyrics were better.

Also, you saying that the Grammys are a joke is disrespecting all other artists including yourself. Artists are nominated because they’ve worked hard to get to where they are. Kanye, when you are nominated, do you still think it’s a joke? Of course not! And when you don’t win, you go on a huge rant about how you should have won, because apparently, you’re a God. If the Grammys were such a joke, why would you care if you won or not?

Beyoncé doesn’t need you to fight for her honour, she can do that herself, and she also has Jay-Z to do that for her. You’re just the guy that is love with Beyoncé but settled for Kim K (you wanting to marry Kim K is impaired judgement on its own). You’ll never have a chance with Bey. EVER. So better just concentrate on your own battles.



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