I don’t understand their thinking.

I don’t understand how some people get sad, and even mad when their favorite bands that were not as well known become big. I kind of understand that they might not feel special for knowing them, but If you truly loved that band or artist, then you want what’s best for them, even if that means not feeling like you’re a person who’s a part of a clique. I remember when I found Boyce Avenue, they had a relatively small following. Now, with tours all around and 6M+ subscribers on YouTube, I feel proud that they made it so far, and in their own words, they “are the most viewed Independent band in the world”. I don’t feel that they should have stayed small, because the point of supporting a band or artist is to support them all the way through, and feel proud that you’ve been a fan for however long you have been. Take Taylor Swift for example. I fell in love with her music when she was still singing Country. Now that she has become more pop, I don’t necessarily listen to her music as much, but I’m proud of her. I’m repeating myself, aren’t I.



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