Staying in University

I feel the same way Karen does, on staying in university and going against my parents’ wishes.

Honestly, staying in university is mostly all for my parents’ sake. If they are okay with me not going to uni and following my dream to make music for a living, then I would. But I’m staying in university because I know it’s more of a reasonable thing to do, and it’s a backup plan, in case the music thing doesn’t work out.

I don’t even like university that much, the courses are hard, I’m not extremely interested (still interested though) in the subjects that I’m learning, and some of the exams are brutal.

I’d want to move out, and move away to a place-maybe Los Angeles-where I would have a greater chance of making my dream a reality.

(I’ll probably write more on this in the future, but for now, I’m going to keep it at this…)



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