Fuck you midterms, you lied to me.

My first two midterms, my Foundations of Health midterm and Biology midterm were fine, i did okay on my health midterm and i passed with flying colours on my Biology midterm.

But CHEMISTRY. BUT CHEMISTRY, it was horrible! I spent a good five hours studying before it, memorizing constants and equations (because we didn’t get an equation sheet, like who doesn’t give us an equation sheet?). If I got an equation sheet, I could have done so much better.

Marks came out on Friday evening.. I’ve been two scared to check it, because what if I failed? What if i got below the class average of 60%? I could have been that person who scored 97%, though i highly doubt it. With all these self destructing thoughts running through my head, I am somehow convinced that I failed, which is why i would be happy never checking my mark.

P.S. This was my thought process during the midterm: “oh this easy, I know this…wait, the fuck is this? I don’t remember learning this…fuck fuck fuck, how do I do this? The prof said we would be done by an hour and half? The two hours are almost up and I’M STILL NOT DONE! FUCK! WHAT DO I DO? *panics*



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