If I Become a Mom

If you’re a girl, you should be wearing pretty dresses, always sit with your legs together, no strange piercings, definitely no skateboarding (because only “hooligans” skateboard).

That was and is how I was/am told to behave by my parents, and in a ways, they’re right, but there are so many things I would want to experience and want to do, but I can’t, because I am born a girl. If I am a boy, everything would be different, they would let me do everything, because I am less vulnerable and not easily preyed on by people with bad intentions. They would let me go out without having to call every hour, and they’d let me go out later. They would let me skateboard, because it’s less “reputation ruining” for a boy to be seen as a “hooligan”.

If i become a mom, I would take all the mistake my parents made raised me and not make them myself. It wouldn’t matter what gender my child is born, if she/he wants to do something that wouldn’t harm themselves and others, then why not?

i would let my daughter skateboard, because skateboarding is fucking cool. I’d let her get her lip pierced, or anywhere pierced, because it’s just a piercing, no one is going to judge her any differently unless they are judgemental assholes (then, just give them the proverbial middle finger), and I would never make her wear anything that she doesn’t want to.

If I have a son, i would let join dance, or play the flute, or wear pink (again, screw those judgemental assholes). if he wants to grow his hair out, then why not? I would let him get a bunch of piercings too.

But when i do become a mom, I know that I will make a bunch of mistakes that i hope my child(ren) will learn from and not make themselves.


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