Things people do on the bus that annoy me

A bus ride can be pleasant or not depending on how people around you act. If they’re pleasant, then great, it’s gonna be an enjoyable ride. If they’re being dicks, then it won’t be.
Here are some thing that people do on the bus that annoy me:

1. When your bag is so important that it needs its own seat: PEOPLE! Seriously, is your backpack or satchel that important that you’d rather see an old lady/man standing, clutching a pole and holding on for dear life? Especially when the bus is experiencing a bumpy ride, one sharp turn, and you may find them picking themselves off the ground. So, unless your bag is worth more than you, put it either on your lap or on the ground so others can sit down!

2. When people talk to others/on the phone loudly: When you have a conversation with someone, it should be that only you and the person (people) you’re talking to can hear it. Your chatter shouldn’t be loud enough that everyone on the bus knows what you had for lunch, or who your lunch date is, or where you bought your jacket. Cause frankly, nobody cares.

3. When your music leaks out of your earbuds/headphones: First things first, I’m the realest (no just kidding). First things first, you plug in headphones because you don’t want to annoy others with your loud music, and want to enjoy it privately. But imagine your shock when the people beside, in front, and behind you can hear guitar, drums or EDM beats coming out of them. It’s downright annoying! Faint beats coming out of headphones is like television static (the TVs on, but it doesn’t mean that you’re watching anything). Also, listening to music that loud does more harm to you than good. You don’t want to be 40 years old and experiencing hearing loss. So for THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY, please turn down your music.

4. Bus PDA: I know you adore your significant other, but to all the other people that are single (but don’t want to be), don’t make their bus ride depressing by constantly making out and staring into each other’s eyes lovingly.



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