That Does Not Count As A Mistake pt 2

I know that Eva already wrote something about this, but I feel like I need to say something about this. Being a youtuber means a lot to me. Not that I’m even close to famous. It makes me feel like I’m  part of a community that does good. Most of the YouTubers I follow do at least some charitable things. Maybe educating the people that they care about, or raising awareness about major problems in the world.

But when this kind of thing happens, I just feel that the world, with internet, is a lot more dangerous. We all know about hackers and viruses, but this is a different matter. This is the manipulation of power. The power that makes fans feel special if the YouTuber follows them on twitter, or addresses them specifically. This is what happened for a number of Jason VeeOneEye’s fans and Sam Pepper’s fans as well. They felt special. But that special feeling diminished as soon as they realized that they want something more out of this friendship. The two asked for nudes, and asked about their sexual lives. Note that these were underaged, 15 year old kids. Even if they gave consent, Sam and Jason would still be considered as rapists, because under law in the UK, consent applies to people over 16. In Jason’s case, he got the girls drunk, and proceded to have sex.

Being a 17 year-old, I know that this is unacceptable. Jason defended himself, saying that he was brought up in a Mormon family where there was no drinking and no sex before marriage. That is not a valid excuse for doing so. If you were homeschooled, maybe I’ll lessen the hate for you, but still. You weren’t closed off from society, which would tell you that this is socially unacceptable, and this is exactly why we are getting so mad at you.

My video on this:


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