Starting a YouTube Channel

Holy crap, starting a YouTube channel is daunting. ESPECIALLY when you have never filmed anything and you don’t even know what to film. Do I film advice videos? Covers? Share stories of myself? Film rants? Beauty videos? There are so many possibilities, and I can’t even decide.

Although, I do know that I’m going to vlog a lot, because I always like watching YouTubers share their daily lives with us.

I find it weird that I know how to edit videos without ever having touched editing software before. Today was the first and second time I’ve used Final Cut Pro to edit my videos, I always thought you’d need to fiddle around with it for a long time before getting the hang of it. (A friend asked me if I ever took media class)

I still need to figure out how to record a good cover without using a microphone, because I don’t have a mic, and I don’t really have the money to buy one. So I need to figure out a way to record a decent cover without one.

By the way, the day you can get enough followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to film a Q and A, you know you’ve made it.




It’s interesting how when you’re stuck on the bus, or anywhere with quite a lot of people, you start looking around and looking at people. I know that we are people watchers, but judging them is one other thing we do. We look around, and think to ourselves, ‘oh, that guy/ girl is cute.’ or ‘she wears too much makeup’ or ‘why on earth are his nails so long’.

Looking for a partner? Look around the bus. Sit next to them or take a stalker photo. Say hi. With that said, not many people do that, despite all the people being different. What am I getting at? I don’t know.

Staying in University

I feel the same way Karen does, on staying in university and going against my parents’ wishes.

Honestly, staying in university is mostly all for my parents’ sake. If they are okay with me not going to uni and following my dream to make music for a living, then I would. But I’m staying in university because I know it’s more of a reasonable thing to do, and it’s a backup plan, in case the music thing doesn’t work out.

I don’t even like university that much, the courses are hard, I’m not extremely interested (still interested though) in the subjects that I’m learning, and some of the exams are brutal.

I’d want to move out, and move away to a place-maybe Los Angeles-where I would have a greater chance of making my dream a reality.

(I’ll probably write more on this in the future, but for now, I’m going to keep it at this…)



Fuck you midterms, you lied to me.

My first two midterms, my Foundations of Health midterm and Biology midterm were fine, i did okay on my health midterm and i passed with flying colours on my Biology midterm.

But CHEMISTRY. BUT CHEMISTRY, it was horrible! I spent a good five hours studying before it, memorizing constants and equations (because we didn’t get an equation sheet, like who doesn’t give us an equation sheet?). If I got an equation sheet, I could have done so much better.

Marks came out on Friday evening.. I’ve been two scared to check it, because what if I failed? What if i got below the class average of 60%? I could have been that person who scored 97%, though i highly doubt it. With all these self destructing thoughts running through my head, I am somehow convinced that I failed, which is why i would be happy never checking my mark.

P.S. This was my thought process during the midterm: “oh this easy, I know this…wait, the fuck is this? I don’t remember learning this…fuck fuck fuck, how do I do this? The prof said we would be done by an hour and half? The two hours are almost up and I’M STILL NOT DONE! FUCK! WHAT DO I DO? *panics*


How much do I really want to stay at uni?

I don’t know. I don’t feel like I have a need to stay at uni. It’s kind of just for my parents. I know that it’s all for my future, but I want YouTube to be my full-time job. Ok, maybe not full time, but I wish sometimes that I wouldn’t have the hassle of balancing school work with YouTube. I enjoy making videos much more. If I had more free time, I could do much more things to increase views, subscribers, etc. And create more projects. My whole life surrounded my parents wishes. I don’t know if that’s what I really want to do anymore. They have told me what to do, what not to do. I don’t know what I really want anymore, and I’m annoyed.

I understand. I understand that having my own apartment is a big load of money. But I want to move out and be independent. Not because I dislike my parents, but because I want to have my own life, and a bit more freedom. Almost too often now I want to have some kind of time machine so I can see what I will be in a few years. Perhaps I will still be in YouTube, maybe I’ll be a psychologist in training. I wish that I could have started YouTube later in life, maybe after university, but that’s not possible.
The problem is, I have really terrible self control and time management. While others can balance school and even a full time job, I rarely can stop myself from going on YouTube and getting lost in cyberspace. It’s midterm week. It’s almost over, but I still have three midterms and a quiz to study for, yet I somehow still let myself get lost. Another distraction is reading fanfic. I was searching the troyler tag on tumblr, and came upon a fanfic. I started reading it, and it was one of those stories that were too good to put down. There goes another day of reading instead of studying like a good student.
Also, if you watch my videos on a regular basis, I’m trying to work on my videos, but sometimes I feel like I’m kinda almost too lazy to edit them. I’ll film it, and never post it.
That’s it for this rant.
– Karen

If I Become a Mom

If you’re a girl, you should be wearing pretty dresses, always sit with your legs together, no strange piercings, definitely no skateboarding (because only “hooligans” skateboard).

That was and is how I was/am told to behave by my parents, and in a ways, they’re right, but there are so many things I would want to experience and want to do, but I can’t, because I am born a girl. If I am a boy, everything would be different, they would let me do everything, because I am less vulnerable and not easily preyed on by people with bad intentions. They would let me go out without having to call every hour, and they’d let me go out later. They would let me skateboard, because it’s less “reputation ruining” for a boy to be seen as a “hooligan”.

If i become a mom, I would take all the mistake my parents made raised me and not make them myself. It wouldn’t matter what gender my child is born, if she/he wants to do something that wouldn’t harm themselves and others, then why not?

i would let my daughter skateboard, because skateboarding is fucking cool. I’d let her get her lip pierced, or anywhere pierced, because it’s just a piercing, no one is going to judge her any differently unless they are judgemental assholes (then, just give them the proverbial middle finger), and I would never make her wear anything that she doesn’t want to.

If I have a son, i would let join dance, or play the flute, or wear pink (again, screw those judgemental assholes). if he wants to grow his hair out, then why not? I would let him get a bunch of piercings too.

But when i do become a mom, I know that I will make a bunch of mistakes that i hope my child(ren) will learn from and not make themselves.


5 Seconds of Summer important to pop punk?

Let’s just get it out there: I am not a fan of One Direction, I don’t like their music at all. However, I do really like 5 Seconds of Summer (not a fangirl though) because they give off this vibe that I really like. They may not be the best lyricists, but they do make good melodies and are considered pop punk.

I am the BIGGEST FAN of pop punk there is out there. I was listening to it in grade seven, though I didn’t know what it was called. When I was fifteen, I really got into pop punk. I started listening to and loving bands such as We Are the In Crowd, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Good Charlotte, Panic! At the Disco, Paramore, Tonight Alive, etc…

So when Alternative Press said that 5sos could be one the best things that has happened to pop punk so far, I agreed. Because of them, bands like ATL, WATIC and others are appealing to a bigger audience (I hate that the audience does consist of some tween girls, but I’ll just have to deal with it). People realize that pop punk are not just for “emo wannabe hipsters”. If it does become more mainstream, then that is the best news ever because teenagers can be exposed to good music, and not just the “shitty no meaning pop songs that are played on the hot radio stations 24/7”. Teenagers can get exposed to more electric guitar music, less electronically made and produced music; more drum lines, less made from a hip-hop drum machine; and more bass (Meghan Trainer doesn’t count), which doesn’t seem to appear very often in pop music.

(5sos also can play instruments and Michael has no problem nailing a guitar solo live. Not many famous “teen boys” play instruments on stage.)

So in my opinion, 5 Seconds of Summer is definitely one of the best things that has happened to Pop punk recently.