That Does Not Count as a Mistake

Most of you should have heard–if you watch YouTube videos or are part of the YouTube community–about Sam Pepper and Veeoneeye (Jason) and that they were both accused of rape.

Sam, since when has touching/pinching women’s butts on the street become a social experiment? Is that what people justify it as nowadays? Because to me, doing that counts as sexual harassment. AND the fact that you (Sam) had to explain it as a “social experiment” only after you were in hot water for the so called “experiment”. Thats just plain wrong.

Also, you can’t text a girl, become friends with her or go on a date with her, just so you can lead her into a back room to try and grope her. And when she allows you to kiss her, you have no right to go further. She NEVER GAVE YOU PERMISSION! She said you can kiss her. But nothing else. Don’t go blaming the girl after you behave inappropriately. IT’S YOUR FAULT, OWN UP TO IT!

Now onto Jason. Before, I was subscribed to him, and I liked watching his videos. I thought his hair was pretty fucking cool and he was an interesting guy. But his half-assed apology to the girl 7 years younger than him isn’t right.

It’s not a mistake that you got a girl drunk and took advantage of her. Even though you didn’t have sex with her, it’s still statuary rape because you were getting an underage girl drunk. You probably also kissed her. Also, the whole “I didn’t know anything about the world/society, I was learning” is a shitty excuse. Learning means taking it slowly step by step, it does not mean being idiotic enough to take advantage of a girl when still trying to figure society out.

(However, the fact that this is only coming out into the light now worries me, why didn’t the girl do something about it earlier?

Also, please don’t be accepting drinks the other gives you and DON’T INVITE THEM OVER. They will get the wrong idea)

Please think things through before doing anything. And when you do something wrong, don’t pass it off as a mistake. Own up to your wrongdoings.



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  1. That is especially true for many other guys who take advantage of girls like that. I guess Sam just wants to be like “everyone else”. It’s completely incomprehensible why he acted like that knowing the consequences at the same time.

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