April 26th (NapoWrimo)

​Hills and Valleys


Rollercoasters are fun

My emotions are also a rollercoaster,

With valleys stretching for ages

And hills that are steep and gone in the blink of an eye.

They’re not fun though.


April 22nd (NapoWrimo)



Life works in strange ways.

It hasn’t beaten me up in a while

And I feel strangely apprehensive.

I don’t believe in good things

staying good things.

I’m expecting life to pick me up by my smile,

And throw me out a window.

April 14th (NapoWrimo)



I press play and get lost in the unfamiliar melodies that keep me entranced

Suddenly, en entire evening has passed without me realizing.

But I’ve noticed you too late and you’ll never play another show.

You’re disbanding.

Thanks for the wonderful tunes and

Good luck.

April 12th (NapoWrimo)

Eye contact


I am fixated on this table

Tracing my fingers over the etched in marks of boredom

I stare at my laptop,

Reading the same headline for the 5th time

I gaze outside,

seeing the sun disappear

I look everywhere,

But you

April 10th (NapoWrimo)

Missed a couple of days due to exams, but here’s my poem for April 10th:




The skyscrapers look like deathtraps

Terrifying, but in the most beautiful way.

I look up and my mind goes running in the worst ways but I let it

They’re meant to illicit your inner daredevil.